How It Started

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After years of experiencing long grueling holds and unanswered calls to get a simple question answered, we decided to build an intuitive effort that would help restaurants meet the demands of a booming industry. To do this, we turned employees ourselves to understand every challenge faced within a restaurant, most importantly, the front desk!

Phonedash’s Vision

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Phonedash was created on the principle of marrying traditional hospitality with modern technology to simplify orders from start to finish. Our goal is to make restaurant ordering a breeze and management more straightforward for restaurant owners. Phonedash is headquartered out of Silicon Valley, where great ideas come to life.

Turn Every Call Into an Opportunity

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Free up your front desk and have your staff focus on the important tasks, such as warm hospitality and serving great food. We’ll take care of the rest.

Know Your Customers

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Understand your customers better through loyalty programs, rewards, and perks. Gain access to insights and customer data for targeted campaigns.

Support Your Vision

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We understand peak hours and Fridays. That’s why Phonedash gives you access to dedicated support staff to help meet your restaurant goals better.


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